EIT Awards

The EIT Awards recognise the most promising entrepreneurs and innovators in Europe. 

The EIT Awards promote innovation and encourage entrepreneurs by putting the most innovative ventures, entrepreneurial graduates, innovation teams and women from the EIT Community in the spotlight. They create role models for change. The nominees are selected for driving European innovation through ground-breaking products, projects and services that tackle global challenges in the fields of climate, energy, digitalisation, food, health and raw materials. The EIT Awards are held during INNOVEIT, the EIT's annual Innovation Forum.

The EIT Awards 2020 will run online on 8 and 9 December, meet the nominees:

The nominees for the EIT Awards 2020 have been announced. 28 innovators from 13 different countries have been nominated for their endurance and creativity, recognising their ground-breaking products and services accelerating Europe’s transition to a greener, healthier, and more digital future.

Discover all the nominees and their innovations

Each of the Innovation Communities select two nominees for the following categories: 

  • The EIT CHANGE Award recognises graduates of EIT education programmes who spur innovation and entrepreneurship, inspiring change for a sustainable future.
  • The EIT INNOVATORS Award recognises teams from our Innovation Communities that develop high-impact products and services for a sustainable future.
  • The EIT VENTURE Award recognises successful start-ups and scale-ups that have been supported by the EIT’s Innovation Communities through dedicated business creation and acceleration programmes.
  • The EIT WOMAN Award recognises the outstanding achievements of women entrepreneurs and leaders from our Innovation Communities.
  • The EIT PUBLIC Award recognises the public's recognition of overall excellence, and the innovativeness of one of the Nominees in the other four Award categories listed above.

The 2019 EIT Awards winners are announced! Meet all the top students, entrepreneurs and innovators who are delivering solutions for global challenges. 

Meet our EIT Awards winners 2019


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