EIT Raw Materials model

EIT RawMaterial's innovation model

Through its innovation projects, EIT RawMaterials  supports new entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to turn their innovative ideas into business opportunities through their innovation ecosystem. This aims to leverage impact through the creation of synergies and will provide a powerful way of maximising opportunities in the raw materials sector and securing the raw materials supply for Europe. Operationally the projects are managed through the Innovation Hubs, which also support the partners in their search for new, innovative projects. 


Innovation Projects

EIT Raw Materials offers two different means of support for Innovation Projects:

Up-scaling Projects

Up-scaling projects are innovation projects based on validated technologies that need additional step(s) for up-scaling, demonstration or implementation. The objective is to bring the technology to market, as a product, service or process. The technology must be at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of at least five at the beginning of the project, and corresponding to a “technology validated in relevant environment”.  At the end of the project, the technology is expected to have reached a TRL of at least seven, corresponding to a “system prototype demonstration in operational environment”.

Network of Infrastructure Accelerator Programme 

The Network of Infrastructure (NOI) Accelerator Programme intends to support the second phase of project development: commercialisation, within a two-year framed programme.

The Network of Infrastructure activity has the following main objectives:  

  • Foster innovation by acting as broker among partners and customers  
  • Create a cluster of excellence, providing access to outstanding infrastructure together with the related knowhow 
  • Offer and promote an attractive service portfolio, e.g. enabling test bets for pilot-lines 
  • Link customers and experts inside the network and help to identify the best tailored services in an easy and fast way 
  • Attract additional customers and increase visibility of EIT RawMaterials and its partners 
  • Become self-sustainable within a two-year period.

EIT RawMaterial innovation projects are divided among six themes:

Exploration and Raw Materials Resource Assessment

Exploration activities are the initial step in the raw materials value chain but the industry faces an increasing number of challenges and must promote a better understanding and acceptance of the exploration industry within wider society, while securing sustainable, efficient and successful exploration for the future

Mining in challenging environments

EIT RawMaterials aims to build up Europe’s mineral extraction industry, providing opportunities through the development of innovative, smart and efficient technologies, specialist higher education with an added focus on entrepreneurship, and integration of the entire raw material value chain.

Increased resource efficiency in mineral and metallurgical processes

When it comes to processing, European industries and research institutions have both long-standing experience and an extensive knowledge base but still these modern-day solutions face a number of challenges. EIT RawMaterials supports and facilitates the improvement and creation of innovative processing methods and technologies.

Substitution of critical and toxic materials in products and substitutions for optimised performance

EIT RawMaterials has identified substitution as a pillar of its strategy to turn raw materials into a major strength for Europe. The current portfolio encompasses projects on topics including energy storage, magnetic materials, hard materials, lightweight design, and materials and systems modelling.

Recycling and materials chain optimisation of end-of-life products

The Innovation Community supports innovation projects and new businesses that scale up and introduce new technological solutions to the market. These are aimed at improving both the amount and quality of raw materials recovered from secondary sources, that is, end-of-life products, industrial residues, tailings, and urban and landfill mining.

Design of products and services for the circular economy

The challenge for EIT RawMaterials is to fully utilise the potential of industrial symbiosis by applying a systemic perspective and revitalising human capital in the raw materials sector through two strategic objectives: designing solutions and closing material loops.