Opportunity, Opportunity 1

On 04-06 February 2020, the EIT Health Matchmaking event in Berlin will close the series of Matchmaking Events for the EIT Health Business Plan 2021.

In Berlin, the EIT Community will give the last chance to find the perfect matching Partner for the proposal – no matter if you are:

  • Lead Partner and looking for more partners for your proposal;
  • EIT Health Partner and looking for an interesting project in which you can participate;
  • Start-up/External project partner looking for opportunities to be part of the EIT Health Community.

During the different scheduled sessions and boot camps within the Berlin Matchmaking event, you will be able to receive feedback regarding important aspects such as problem-solution fit, go-to-market strategy, the viability of the business model, risk and mitigation strategy and competition analysis.

Make sure to be part of this event to gather all the information you need for your Proposal for the EIT Health Business Plan 2021.

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