Meet the EIT Alumni Board

From left to right: Emmanuel, Tiago, Laurent, Ayşe, Robin, Jeroen

The EIT Alumni Board 2019 - 2021

  • EIT Alumni President and Representative of EIT Health Alumni - Ayşe Tolunay 
  • EIT Alumni Vice-President and Representative of EIT Digital Alumni - Jeroen van Lent
  • Representative of the CommUnity by EIT InnoEnergy - Tiago Mendes
  • Representative of EIT Climate-KIC Alumni Association - Emily Swaddle (not pictured) 
  • Representative of EIT RawMaterials Alumni - Emmanuel Ricohermoso III
  • EIT Alumni Community Coordinator - Robin Maxton
  • EIT Representative - Laurent Roux 

What's the EIT Alumni Community Board all about?

With a strong mandate to represent the entire EIT Alumni Community, five representatives have been nominated by the alumni associations and communities of the EIT's Innovation Communities to create a network of networks guided by an EIT Alumni Board. The EIT has given further support to the EIT Alumni Community by providing an EIT Alumni Community Manager and nominating a representative of the EIT to support and provide guidance to the Board.

The EIT recognises how important EIT Alumni are to the whole EIT Community, and having a Board offers a “powerful platform” to drive collaboration initiatives, to harness the massive potential of all EIT Alumni, and to provide effective representation for the entire community. 

The role of the Board is to drive the community’s direction and to further develop it; to encourage an active exchange between members, to plan and implement added-value activities with and for its members; and to represent the EIT Alumni Community vis-à-vis the EIT, the KICs and relevant external stakeholders.

The current focus of the EIT Alumni Community addresses the consolidation of an operational structure for the future of the community, and the development of three priority areas: 

  • Community building and engagement 
  • Alumni Career Development
  • External Outreach and Communications.

Previous EIT Alumni Boards

EIT Alumni Board April 2017 - December 2018 

From left to right: Francesco, Esmee, Falko, Antonio
  • ​​President - Falko Döring (EIT InnoEnergy CommUnity Manager)
  • Vice President  - Esmee Kooijman (Secretary of the EIT Climate KIC Alumni Board)
  • Treasurer - Antonio Martínez Millana (EIT Health Alumni)
  • Community Officer - Francesco Bonadiman (President of the EIT Digital Alumni Board)
  • EIT Representative - Laurent Roux (EIT, Impact Officer - Entrepreneurship and Business Creation)

EIT Alumni Board 2016 - 2017

From left to right: Borce, Nadja, Estefania, Claudio, Antonio
  • ​​President - Estefanía Tapias (EIT Climate-KIC Alumni Association President)
  • Vice President & Communications Officer - Borce Stojkovski (EIT Digital Alumni)
  • Treasurer - Antonio Martínez Millana (EIT Health Alumni)
  • Community Officer - Claudio Geyken (EIT InnoEnergy, Community Officer)
  • EIT Observer - Nadja Dokter (EIT, Head of Strategy and Impact Section) 

Have a great idea for developing the Alumni Community? Want to get in touch with the Board? 

Send us a message at

Or contact us via the EIT Alumni social media channels