Innovators Award

Showcasing successful innovators

In 2015, the EIT introduced the EIT Innovators Award to recognise KIC innovation teams that have developed in an exemplary manner an innovative product, service or process with a high potential for societal and economic impact. Each KIC nominated two teams. The EIT Innovation Jury appointed the winner during INNOVEIT that was held in Budapest from 05 to 07 May 2015.

Who can apply?

The award is open to innovation teams from Climate-KIC, EIT Digital and KIC InnoEnergy.

In order to qualify for the EIT Innovators Award, teams have to satisfy the following criteria:

  • The team shall involve “Knowledge Triangle” individuals from:
    • at least three research and business KIC partners. ;
    • at least one KIC partner that will commercialise the product, service or process and has been involved in the team from the beginning of the project;
  • KIC partners shall come from at least two different co-locations.
  • A single team may have only one non-KIC partner;
  • The team must have successfully achieved the pre-commercialization stage;
  • The team received funding for their project from their KIC between 01 January 2011 and 30 October 2014;

How to apply?

The application process is currently closed.

Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed based on the following four elements:

  1. The originality of the new product, service or process developed;
  2. The efficiency and effectiveness of the idea to outcome conversion (i.e. product, service or process);
  3. The potential or real economic and societal impact of the outcome,
  4. The innovation process: function and roles within the team, leadership, team dynamics, commitment of members, achievement of common ambition and goals, the learning and social climate, the balancing of short and long term goals, stability and risks.

Based on the above criteria, each KIC will nominate two teams to participate in the EIT Innovators Award.

Promotion of nominees

After the selection of nominees and prior to INNOVEIT - EIT Innovation Forum, the nominees will be promoted via different channels and media. The EIT will work with the nominated teams to produce different promotional materials.

Presentation of the ‘Innovation Journey’

The ‘Innovation Journey’ will be presented during a dedicated session during INNOVEIT -  EIT Innovation Forum.

A high-level jury will judge the material provided and the presentations. The following elements will be assessed:

  1. Originality, uniqueness and features of the product, process or service;
  2. The efficiency and effectiveness of the idea to outcome conversion judged on resources used (time and finances);
  3. Social and economic impact: the capacity to address the KIC societal challenge and the profit potential;
  4. The innovation process: team roles, functions and dynamics;
  5. The quality, creativity and persuasiveness of the presentation of the Innovation Journey.

What will the EIT Innovators Award winner get?

The EIT Innovators Award winner will receive:

  • an increased European-wide promotion and the use the label “EIT Innovators Award Winner 2015” in their profiling and/or marketing activities;
  • a tailored package to support the further development of the project, product or service.