EIT Alumni @ Sziget

EIT Alumni initiatives and projects are joining the Sziget catalogue!

Following the great success of the EIT Climate-KIC Alumni Association partnering with Sziget Festival in the summer of 2018 - there will be even more activities at Sziget 2019. 

Sustainable traveling with vojo

One of these projects is the low-carbon travel planning platform vojo. Vojo pulls together data on the European mobility​ network, ​emissions​ factors and citizens’ travel ​behaviour​, and enables its users to choose the best travel itinerary for them, the environment and the future.

In 2019 vojo will partner with Sziget Festival to inform the festival-goers on the carbon footprint of different travel options to and from the festival. Vojo will appear as a plugin on the festival webpage; displaying the relative climate impacts of different travel itineraries (e.g. combined flight, train and coach journeys). 

EIT Digital Alumni can join the vojo team here

The Green Sziget Center 

Come and join the sustainability hub of SZIGET, where experts from The Climate Reality Project Europe, and the EIT Climate-KIC Alumni Association are opening a space to talk about the facts and solutions to the climate crisis.

Join the conversation and be part of the solution at the Festival! Remember Earth is the only plant that hosts Sziget Festival!

Find the full Green Sziget Center programme here