Innovative battery start-up joins EIT InnoEnergy

AC Biode

The innovative battery start-up, AC Biode, has joined EIT InnoEnergy.

AC Biode is developing the world’s first standalone alternating current battery using a so-called  ‘biode’, which has both the characteristics of an anode and a cathode. The alternating current battery is more efficient, safer and about 30 per cent more compact than regular batteries, which use direct current (DC).

We are going to use existing materials and production lines but switch from direct current to alternating current. All the batteries in the world are direct current. At the moment when you charge a battery, the power source comes from alternating current and the battery is direct current. The majority of motors, such as in electric cars or drones, are alternating currents. So you lose up to 35 per cent of electricity. We can reduce the loss.

Tadashi Kubo, CEO and co-founder